as i am sure you do not want to know me, i dont want to know you either.... but youre here so i feel i should tell you a bit about myself. my name is Burn you may call me Burn im an asshole im egocentric egotistical and no one likes me...i like my cigarettes full of flavor and my music loud but before i get myself in trouble let me just say that i have my soft side too i just havent found it yet and ive gotten in touch with my inner child and he wants nintendo
now there are all these people that come to this site that like to send me flames.... look i didnt make you come here... i didnt make you stay ... i didnt control your eyes and make your peunny brain intake every last thing i wrote here... so i dont want to hear about how perverted i am or how much i suck because im vulgar.... and if anyone else sends me a prayer by means of email i will hunt you down and shoot you... i swear... one person acctually said her kid killed hisself because of somthing i said on this page... he left a quote on his note and the url to this page... to that mother who insists on emailing me everyday and telling the cops to get me.... i have one thing to say...

go join him bitch ass

my links
im tired of all you morons sayin " this page is great but you need more to your webpage than just this one page so im gonna spell it out for you... here are some links click on them to take you to more of my shit!!!........ retard
my smart people page dont be ashamed if nothing you ever said is on this page you are probobly just a uneducated fool like the majority of america
my friends page look if you aint on here i probobly hate you so shut the fuck up
like sex? memorize these to get some youll never have game like me dont even try
links mother fucker!!! go to pages cooler than mine
my world domination page see me take over the planet
my mission statment what i really want to tell you morons
writings on evil subjects.... its fuckin great
My trouble with women why i never have relationships
my collection of dirty wordsthese are my favorite dirty words
hate mail read letters from fans
see my page jesusafied!!! just do it
my tribute page i know its your goal to be on this page... hold your breath till i add you
how to properly stalk someone
proposed slogans for windows 2000
advice on how to do it better its all about sex... stop droolin
for all you stalkers this will make it easier to find me
you asked why i hate god? click there for answer
44 things to do when your bored all of these ive done
burn gets play see what i learned from bitches in my past
all bout me a daily report of my fucking life...
my survey take it mother fucker!!!
see my girlfriend nude!!!!!!!! you know you want to
the guide to being evil you know you want to read it
my take on the fashion elite who needs school uniforms?

live by this.....i do

my very first award.....yippie fuckin skippy

my second nifty award

stop bein so damn nosey thats right sign the damed thing

peer into the outdated abyss

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without free speech i couldnt piss you off like i am now


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